Welcome DEA Member:

This new website has been created by Inner Imaging for the Detectives' Endowment Association.  Please take the time to read this introductory page and you will see how informative this site can be.

Through the efforts of DEA President Michael J. Palladino and the Trustees of the DEAs Health and Welfare Fund, your union has agreed to subsidize in part clinical screening for the following body areas: the heart; the lungs; and the abdomen and pelvis (a full body" scan). Your contribution (what you must pay at the time of service) for this screening will be only $175.00. (The retail price of this type of service is ordinarily $850.00, and in some locations often considerably more). This service will be available only at:

Inner Imaging, P.C.

Affiliated with the Heart Institute at

Beth Israel Medical Center


307 East 63rd St, Ground Floor

New York, NY 10065

To take advantage of this offer you MUST ENROLL in this program by calling 212-991-5445.  Please read this information in its entirety before enrolling as it outlines the program in detail.

Why is this screening program being made available to DEA members?

Coronary artery disease kills more DEA members than firearms.  Over the last three years, the DEA has encouraged its members to become aware of this disease and seek early screening in an effort to lower member mortality rates. 

We at Inner Imaging have been witnessing more and more disease that may be a result of the horrific toxic dust created by the World Trade Centers destruction. Over the last fifteen months, we have followed the saga of the ever-increasing number of first responders who have died or are suffering from early cancers and other potentially terminal illnesses.  As many as 100,000 or more people exposed to 9/11 debris may become victims over the next decade.

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Most active DEA members responded to 9/11 and worked at either Ground Zero, the Fresh Kills landfill site, or one of the morgue sites.  The DEA is concerned about exposure to toxic carcinogenic dust and debris that was inhaled and handled.  Because of the high risk associated with this catastrophic event and its cleanup, the leadership of your union has agreed that a pro-active stance is necessary and has arranged to subsidize a full body screening for DEA members in an effort to identify early stage diseases.   Prevention saves lives.

How do DEA members enroll?

In order to take advantage of the subsidized clinical screening, it will be necessary to enroll in our program.  This program is being made available to all active members of the DEA.  When you sign up by calling 212-991-5445, the information you provide will be thoroughly secure so that your identity and privacy are assured.

After you read the rest of this Web section, simply call 212-991-5445 to enroll and be scheduled for an appointment.  We are your advocate and are here to help you.

What happens after enrollment?

With approximately 5,500 active members of the DEA, Inner Imaging cannot possibly book everyones screening at once.

We will be handling screenings on a first-come, first-serve basis in the order that requests are received.  

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have! Simply contact us at 212-991-5445 and one of staff members will be glad to assist you any way they can.

WHAT happens during the appointment?

Plan to be at Inner Imaging for approximately 45 minutes.  During your appointment, we will conduct three tests: a heart scan; a lung scan; and an abdomen and pelvic scan.  A full description of each test can be found on the Website once you have enrolled.

WHEN and how do you get results?

Results are generally available between 24 and 48 hours after you have been tested. 

Inner Imaging will e-mail your test results to your e-mail address unless you specify otherwise (you can specify prior to your exams).  If there are issues that we are concerned with, we will call you and review them with you before we send your e-mail.

If you would like us to communicate with your physician, we will do so.  We will do our best to explain our medical findings to you in a manner than you will comprehend.

Your personal information will not be sent to anyone without your approval.

WHAT if we require follow-up testing?

Statistically, it is inevitable that some people may require further testing for coronary artery disease, possible lung disease, or suspicious abdominal findings.  Such clinical recommendations will be determined by our cardiologists and/or radiologists. If this applies to your test results, we will explain why these recommendations have been made and schedule follow-up appointments for you.

WHAT about Radiation?

Click Here to read about the latest radiation data!

WHAT if I am planning to retire very soon?

Call 212-991-5445 and we will accommodate your schedule.  If you require stress testing, we can also perform this test and pre-certify you.  Let us know your particular needs and we will try to accommodate you.

Can Inner Imaging safeguard my firearm during testing?

Inner Imaging is weapons friendly.  There is a weapons lock box in the room where you will be tested.  You can lock up your weapon and retain the key.  The lock box can accommodate up to two hand guns.

Do you have other questions?

It is possible that you may have personal questions that have not been addressed.  Please enroll now by calling 212-991-5445 and once we have completed your enrollment, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you at Inner Imaging, P.C.